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Help to Buy (Scotland) now extended until March 2021.
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Help to Buy (Scotland)

The popular Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme has been extended until March 2021.

The Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme is available once more on O'Brien Homes in Scotland up to a purchase price of £200,000

You could move into a brand new family home in Paisley with a deposit of just £10,000.

With the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme you'll only need a deposit of 5% to move into your brand new home.

The Scottish Government will provide equity funding of 15% of the value.

You take out a mortgage for 80% of the value.

There is no interest to pay on the Scottish Minister's stake.


New Family home at Ivy Gardens, Paisley £200,000

Purchaser deposit of 5% £ 10,000

Mortgage of 80% £160,000

Scottish Government equity stake £ 30,000

When do I need to repay the equity stake?

There is no deadline by which the equity support must be repaid to the Scottish Government. The scheme runs indefinitely until the purchaser decides to sell their home.

Are there any restrictions on who can buy?

The new home must be your only residence and you must not own another home. If you do own another home you are expected to sell this before you purchase a home under the scheme. The scheme is not available to assist buy-to-let investors and you may not part exchange your existing home to buy a new home.

I'm interested - what do I do now?

Contact our friendly sales staff on our National Sales Line on 0845 277 7770 who will be delighted to help you.

Alternatively please email