The Burfield

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Prices From £158,000

A three-bedroom end-terrace or semi-detached home, ideal for a young family.

Plot No.

Front Elevation

Floorplans and Dimensions


Living Room

4857 x 5237


2626 x 3075

Bedroom 1

2750 x 3697

Bedroom 2

2692 x 4000

Bedroom 3

2100 x 3467

All dimensions are approximate. Details contained in this brochure are for guidance only and should not be taken to form any part of any contract. As part of our policy of continuing improvement, O’Brien Homes reserve the right to make changes in dimensions and/or specifications at any time, without prior notice.


Floor plan

Ground Floor

First Floor

More photos

There are currently no additional photos of this property available.

Energy Ratings

Energy Performance Certificate

The Energy Performance Certificate gives information on Hurt's energy efficiency in a sliding scale from 'A' (very efficient) to 'G' (least efficient). Every Energy Performance Certificate also has a recommendations report showing how the homeowner could improve the rating. Only qualified, accredited domestic energy assessors and qualified certified home inspectors can produce Energy Performance Certificates for domestic properties. They analyse how homes are constructed, insulated, heated and ventilated, and the type of fuel being used.